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From Golmatol to GAJAMATOL

We had started GOLMATOL Ladoos on 5th September 2016. It was a small idea in the beginning and we worked, fumbled, tried, failed and sometimes succeeded.

We agreed and our customer agreed with us, Golmatol is a catchy name and it fits perfectly with our product, the round ladoo. As our experience grew and we learned from our mistakes, we improved our quality and grew in confidence and ambitions. Buoyed by positive feedback from our esteemed customers, we wanted to take our ladoos to a bigger market.

However, we were naïve and did not concentrate on the legal aspect but only on the quality aspect of the business. We failed to do basic checks to grow big. GOLMATOL was already taken. 4 years of promoting, nurturing and making GOLMATOL a brand was gone.

We realized that there were many GOLMATOLs. We were a face in the crowd. But then we realized that GOLMATOL is a brand name and behind the brand, we are still about ladoos, still about quality, still about the taste and still about giving our best. So with a heavy heart, we decided that it was time to let Golmatol go. We searched for a name which was as catchy like GOLMATOL. A lot of options were tried, the opinions of friends were taken and many were probably rejected.

And just like GOLMATOL, one day it came to me.


GAJA for the elephant in our logo and Matol for the round ladoo shape.

We agree GAJAMATOL is a new name and it will take some time to forget GOLMATOL but we will strive like we always did and behind the name, we are still about the ladoos, still about the quality and still about the taste. And it's unique, it's us and no name is like GAJAMATOL. We are not a face in the crowd. As we continue our journey with a new name, we hope you will love us the same way, support us, stand by us and help us grow.

So on our 4th Birthday, we are just changing our name and yet we are still the same !!!!


Amodita Dhuri,


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