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Gajamatol  Biotin Ragi / Jwari / Bajara (Pearl Millet) Ladoo {*Depend upon your order}


Ingredients :

Biotin Ragi / Jwari / Bajara (Pearl Millet) {*Depend upon your order}  Flour, Dates, Jaggery, Ghee, Poppy Seeds, Watermelon Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Coconut, Dry Fruits (Almond, Pista, Cashew, Walnuts), Flex, Charoli, Dried Raisin, Cardamom, White & Black Til, Peanuts, Dates Powder, Ginger Powder.

Shelf LIfe - 25-30 days from the date of manufacturing.

(Benefits of these ladoo: Healthy Super Food, Grow Hair & Healthy your Skins, Strong Bones, Help to Weight Loss, Regular Sugar Level, Brain Healthy for Kids to Elders.)

Starting at ₹: 750/- per pack of 24 ladoo's.

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