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The Story of  GAJAMATOL

               GAJAMATOL Ladoos was born on 5th September 2016 as GOLMATOL Ladoos. Unfortunately, we had to give up our name only to be renamed GAJAMATOL LADOOS.

Ladoo is one of India's favorite snacks finding its place in various occasions and festival. There are different types of Ladoos and made from different ingredients all over India. Mostly prepared in sugar, Ladoo are made in every corner of India. But we are totally different in this session.

Born out of the desire to offer her daughter a healthy snack, Amodita Dhuri, the founder of GAJAMATOL (formerly GOLMATOL LADOOS) tinkered with the idea of creating ladoos made in jaggery.

           Though, not a new idea, she decided to try using ladoos only in Jaggery, a product of sugarcane and thus GAJAMATOL was born. Starting with four ladoos in 2016, it has grown to 24 ladoos, 1 wheat snack and 3 Wadis, and still;


GAJAMATOL believes in providing the best of ingredients and has jaggery and desi ghee as the primary content.




We do not add preservatives and hence our ladoos are always prepared fresh!

India produces 70% of the world’s jaggery. Jaggery or gur or gud as it is called in some part of India is an anti oxidant and a good source of minerals unlike the white sugar we are used to.

Desi ghee, a source of vitamins is recommended from our ancestors. Add to that healthy ingredients like wheat, methi (fenugreek seeds), lentils, food grains and the best dry fruits, each ladoo is a power house of energy.

Using the best of ingredients, our ladoos serve as a healthy snacks for children as well as adults. They are rich in nutrients and high in energy.

Today GAJAMATOL is known for its quality products with countless repeat customers. GAJAMATOL  products are prepared fresh on receipt of order online or WhatsApp or phone call. So GAJAMATOL does not stock finished product and this way every product that reaches you is guaranteed fresh maintaining all options of quality, cleanliness and taste. 

GAJAMATOL  is the World’s First Online Ladoos store

Please check our PRODUCTS PAGE. We have Rava, Besan, Methi, Til (Sesame), Ragi (Nachani), Dinka (Edible Glue, Gond), Moong, Half Boiled Rice (Ukdhe Tandool), Shengdana (Peanuts), Shingada (Water Chestnuts) and much more…..

Why the “Elephant” in our Logo?

GAJA represents elephant and MATOL represent the shape of our primary product; the LADOOS.

The elephant in many cultures depicts strength, stability, dependability. Our ladoos too are made from the finest ingredients and can be trusted for their quality, taste and is a powerhouse of energy. 
No wonder, hence we have taken Elephant as our logo!

We PREPARED FRESH and made by hand.

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