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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) 

So there are lots of questions and we hope to answer them all.


GAJAMATOL is not only about ladoos. It’s an effort to bring tasty delights to people

and simultaneously offer quality and healthy options to a traditional snack.

What are my options?

We make atta with Methi, Ragi, Besan, and Moong ladoos to start with and now we

have more than 38 products. We are constantly evolving to add more flavors and

we will keep you updated. But the plan remains the same………”NO SUGAR ADDED”

How can I order?

We provide an online option. You can make an online payment. We do not have

an order-on-phone yet. We are still figuring that out. Also, we are starting with Mumbai

only but we plan to make it in Pan-India soon. 

I know it’s healthy but is it tasty?

Well! You have to try some but those who have tried certainly ask for one more. Our delivery time depends on your location and the courier's delivery time. Typically, it takes us at least 3-7 days to deliver your order. We want to assure you that we make all ladoos fresh upon receiving your order. This guarantees that they are delicious and fresh when they reach you. We do not have any retail outlets where we store ladoos for display and sale.

Why not make them in advance?

We are a modest direct-to-consumer endeavour and do not possess a warehousing capacity to stockpile commodities beforehand. Furthermore, the shelf life of the ladoos is restricted. Our ethos is centred around freshness! The concept of crafting GAJAMATOL ladoos was conceived within the sphere of our familial circles. We take delight in utilizing healthy and fresh ingredients in our household, an approach we also extend to our clientele.

I want to return the order. How will Refund work?

We hold a strong belief in the excellent quality of our end product. Nevertheless, we appreciate and welcome your feedback should you retain the intention of returning the ladoos. We shall make suitable arrangements for the pickup of the product, subject to it being in its original packaging. Kindly share an image of the product along with the explanation for the return via email or WhatsApp, and we promise to provide our best assistance. We will refund your money based on online verification of the order. The money will be refunded online to your account. 

When will I get my ladoos delivered?

We prepare your ladoos fresh. Once made, we deliver them within 1 - 7 days depending upon distance and city. Our reliable courier service delivers next day of your order placement within Mumbai. Outside Mumbai, it might take 2-7 days. Our ladoos have a shelf life of 15 days without refrigeration. 

What is the Shelf Life of the product?

The shelf life of the GAJAMATOL products can vary from 15 days to 1 month, depending on the type of product. However, by the time the product reaches you, it will have already been a couple of days old. But there's no need to worry as we try to use ingredients that have a longer shelf life. And unless you forget about them, which is quite unlikely, the products should stay fresh and tasty for a reasonable amount of about them which is again not possible. We try to use ingredients that would last long.

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