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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) 

So there are lots of questions and we hope to answer them all.


GAJAMATOL is not only about ladoos. It’s a effort to bring the tasty delights to people and at the same time offer quality and healthy options to a traditional snack.

What are my options?

We make atta with Methi, Ragi, Besan and Moong ladoos to start with and now we have more than 24 products. We are constantly evolving to add more flavours and we will keep you updated. But the plan remain same………”NO SUGAR ADDED”


How can I order?

We provide an online option. You can make an online payment. We do not have order-on-phone yet. We are still figuring that out. Also we are starting with Mumbai only but we plan to make in Pan-India soon. 

I know it’s healthy but is it tasty?

Well! You have to try some but those who have tried certainly ask for one more.

What is the delivery time?

We take at least 3-7 days for delivery depending on your location and how much time it takes for the courier to deliver. We like to inform you that all ladoos are made fresh when we receive your order. This is to ensure that the ladoos are fresh and tasty when they reach you. That's why we do not have any retail outlets where we stock ladoos for display and sale.

Why not make them in advance?

We are small home-to-customer venture and do not have storage facility to store edibles in advance. Also ladoos have a limited shelf life. We believe in fresh! The idea of GAJAMATOL ladoos came from our family. We like our family with fresh product and healthy ingredients. We treat our customer no less different!

I want to return the ladoos.

We are confident of the quality of our end product. However if you still want to return the ladoos, we would still like your feedback. We would arrange for the pickup provided it’s in original packing. Share a picture of the product along with the reason for return on email or WhatsApp and we will do our best.

What is Shelf Life of the product?

The Shelf life can extend from 15 days to 1 month. By the time the product reach you, they are couple of days old. So no worries unless you forget about them which is again not possible. We try to use ingredients that would last long.

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